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Our surveys enable you to understand what your employees think about their daily commutes so that you can provide them options that will better align with their needs in today’s market.

Commuting Alone

One of the biggest contributors to congestion is the single occupancy vehicle. We have been conditioned by the automotive industry to buy and drive our own cars everywhere. The need for alternative forms of commute is more important now than ever.

Inefficient Public Transit

Commuters are hesitant to rely on public transit, because at times it is unreliable. The schedules and routes do not always align with their needs. Sometimes they simply need a first & last mile solution to connect them to public transit hubs.

Alternative Modes of Commute

In a perfect world more people would have the option to walk or bike to work. Unfortunately, this is not realistic for a majority commuters. They simply live too far or cannot carry all of their belongings with them

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